Sometimes my biggest fear is being judged for my mistakes and be defined by others opinion of me. I let them control my feelings and how I live my life, I try to live to their expectation. It is really frustrating and stressing, then I become depress. There is no one to save me, and … Continue reading


Physically connected, Emotionally connected, Mentally connected. Energetic attraction, Could feel your energy from miles away. My Thoughts all about you, Yours all about You. Try to pay attention to the emotions that the thoughts bring up, But couldn't keep up. Physically connected, Emotionally disconnected. Mentally connected. Telepathically communicating... ~Becky A.


Negative Thoughts Gives Birth To Fear. We Feed Our Fear, With More Negative Thoughts, With More Ego, With More Negative Thoughts. As Our Fear Grows Into Our Mind. We Fear To Lose The One We Love, We Fear To Walk Though A Crowd, We Fear To Say Our Mind, We Fear For Being Judged, We … Continue reading Fear

People Ask Me A Lot If I Ever Been In Love. And My Answer Is, Yes I Have Been In Love In Fact I Am Falling In Love As I Write This Words. I Fall In Love With Nature, Words, Music, Sun, Stars, The Moon, Life, Art And All Living Things. I Am Love I … Continue reading