The moment you feel like you have to prove your value to someone is the moment you need to wake up and walk away. You should only prove yourself to yourself not anyone else. There are some people that stops you from growing. Nothing is personal In this world we live in. we do it … Continue reading

What I learned in life is that, We shouldn't force relationships, friendships or conversations. What's meant to be will always be, No need to rush or force things out of their will.  Who ever wants to be in your life will be there, You don't have to fight to find a place in someone's heart. … Continue reading

Sometimes my biggest fear is being judged for my mistakes and be defined by others opinion of me. I let them control my feelings and how I live my life, I try to live to their expectation. It is really frustrating and stressing, then I become depress. There is no one to save me, and … Continue reading

People Ask Me A Lot If I Ever Been In Love. And My Answer Is, Yes I Have Been In Love In Fact I Am Falling In Love As I Write This Words. I Fall In Love With Nature, Words, Music, Sun, Stars, The Moon, Life, Art And All Living Things. I Am Love I … Continue reading

We Live In A Society Where We Have To Decided Using Logic Over Instinct, But Apparently That Is Not Something That Makes Us Pleased. Our Mind Is Trained To Live Life According To How The Society, Media And Our Family Fed Us What Is Right And Wrong Or Accepted Or Unaccepted. Our Happiness And What … Continue reading