Letter to Women

Woman the source of life, yet you are treated like an object. You are the source of unconditional love, yet your love is taken for granted. You are considered as weak when you show your emotions. Everywhere you go people telling you who you should be and how you should look. Your sensitive nature made you a victim of sadness. Now all you care about is about how you look rather than how you feel. I feel your pain and it aches my heart that I am not next to you to tell you that, you are beautiful just the way you are. Thirteen years old girl trying to be adult living behind her childhood. Tell me who is wrong the world or these girls that don’t know any better than to be a child. We sit back and judge how the generation is wrong, yet the world is feeding them lies. What they call beauty is all illusion. They don’t know what real beauty is. It hurts to see girls in Africa, India and other ruler places getting married at such a young age and all they ask is their childhood back. Girls getting raped despite how old they are. In the western world, girls suffering from depression. Mental pain is worse than physical.

The world treat you as an item. They made you feel as if you are a THING. Well you are not; you are magic wherever you are from. You deserve to be loved. You are light to the world. You are not the voices in your head or your past mistakes. If you could only see who you are, not for the woman the world tells you to be. You know you are a hero. You are a superwoman. You are a mother and wife. You are leader and a teacher. You raise a man that treat his woman like a queen. You raise a woman that treat her man like a king. You give life and raise the future. stop seeing yourself though the world eye and start reflecting yourself. Stop destroying each other and start building each other. We are all in this together. WOMAN POWER




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