How can you sit around and love someone you don’t even know?
Get to know yourself,
Treat yourself with respect and love.
Love your messy true life.
Clean your heart,
Focus on what you have now,
And be grateful for what you have,
Before it turns out to be what you had.
You deserve to love a life where you feel this is where you belong.
don’t just around and wait for someone to save you. most of the time we human beings long for the things we want and not appreciate what we have in front of our eyes. while we look for something that we want for a day we forget to live the life that truly makes us happy and what truly matters. trust me you got what you need just look around you and you will find it. more than anything you got yourself. you are the only one that knows how you feel and what makes you happy. if you are not happy within you tell me who else knows? we have to start to treat ourselves how we want others to treat us. its funny how we are so hard on ourselves and blame others for not making us happy. there might be times where storms comes in our lives, but we need to pass those times clam as the ocean. see the beauty within you and you will see the beauty in others.

I learned to love myself as every day pass by. I learned that people are their own hero, like everyone is trying to save themselves. Everyone is fighting their own battel that we don’t know about. It is so easy to hide a tired with just one forced smile. So easy to hide your broken heart. We are each of us a strong soul. We are heroes in own world.
~Becky A.


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