Mind Like A Waterfall

Her Mind Flows Words,

Like A Waterfall.

Flows Like The Nile River,

Putting Her Marks Universally.


As The Word Touches The Fragile White Paper,

Blood As Ink With A Fountain Pen.

Her Hand Leads To Write The Words From Her Soul.

Giving Life To Her Words,

Words For The World.


They Call Her Over-Thinker,

Without Knowing Her Mind Is A Weapon That Can Change The World.


Stimulate Her Subconscious Mind,

Where The Mind Is Timeless.

She Plants Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Inner Peace, And Self-Worth In Her Heart.

No Wonder How She Walks In Such A Light And Elegance.


She Creates Art,

Art Form Her Heart.

She Is Deep,

Deep As The Sea.

And High As The Sky,

Need A Ladder Of Words,

Words To Touch Her.


She Is A Beautiful Poetry,

Without A Rhyme.

Infinite And Ageless.

She Is Metanoia.


-Becky A.


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