You Had A Bad Day,

Your Heart Breaks Into Pieces.

You Start To Think About The Past,

Then You Are About To Give Up.

However The Past Is The Past,

You Made It To The Present.

If Anything Should Take You Back To Your Past,

It Only Should Make You Feel Like A Hero.

Life Is Not Perfect For Anyone,

Make The Best Out Of Everything You Face In Life,

Bad Or Good.

Make Your Present A Pleasant Place To Stay In,

No one Lives Forever,

Make Your Stay Worth It.

It Might Rain Now,

But Learn There Is No Rainbow Without A Little Rain.

Just Keep Moving On,

Cry If You Need To,

But Make Sure You Won’t Cry For The Some Reason Again.

Life Is Calm But Not Easy,

Don’t Make It Complicated,

Don’t Try To Understand,

Understand The Things You Don’t Need To Understand.

Sometimes Life Is A Little Easier When Things Are A Little Mysterious.

You Were Not Here To Be Depressed,

To Cry Every Night,

To Be A Quitter,

To Be Hated,

And To Chase After People For Their Tenderness And Warmth.

You Are Here,

You Are Important,

You Are Worth Fighting For,

You Have A Purpose,

Be Focused,

Be Love,

Be Light,

Smile Because You Can Change A Human Life,

With Just One Smile.

-Becky A.



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