Sometimes my biggest fear is being judged for my mistakes and be defined by others opinion of me. I let them control my feelings and how I live my life, I try to live to their expectation. It is really frustrating and stressing, then I become depress. There is no one to save me, and the worst part is I wait for someone to come and save me like a hero. I wait for someone to bring me back to life and bring my happiness. I am not perfect, sometimes I talk bad about other people flaws, I cut them off when they don’t fit my box I won’t let them be who they are. I regret about the poor choices that I made, choices that I took that is not best for me. I keep dwelling on my past what I could have done better, I should have done this and that. When the truth is I can’t change what I did. But then again we got to be our own teacher, hero and pray for the strength that we need to let go the things that we can’t change. Change the things that doesn’t make us happy or take away our peace. Don’t let fear control our lives. We fear because we don’t want the bad things that we have done to others to happen to us. Love people for who they are, if gossiping is not our best strength then we can stop. Don’t rely on people for their approval, their compliments and to be our hero. We have this one life and I know I don’t want to live this beautiful life with wicked heart. No one knows what you are going through and yet we let them control our lives mentally and emotionally. This is our life and we need to live our life whichever way we need to. Be imperfect and learn, we are not in this world to be perfect but strong, wise and true to ourselves and others. Let’s be a living example. 

~Becky A. 


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