What If We Were Skeletons With Just A Soul.

Think About It,

The Way We Look Won´t Matter.

We Don’t Look For A Perfect Body Or Perfect Face.

We Look For Something,

Something That The Heart Only Could Feel.

 Like The Way They Touch And Treat Us Gently.

The Way They Talk And The Way They Make Us Feel.

It´s Who They Are That Matters,

Not What They Look Like Or What They Have That Matters.

Singing Our Heart Out,

Dancing Along With The Music.

And This Time It Wont Be The Way We Dance,

It Will Be The Way We Feel The Music And Dance To It.

It Won’t Matter If We Were Tall Or Short,

Thick Or Fit,

Fat Or Skinny,

What Matter The Most Is Who We Are.

Falling In Love With The Soul, 

Feeling Love Without Distractions.

Just Beautiful.

For Me That Is What A Real Beauty Means,

Loving And Seeing Someone Beyond What They Show Us.

That Is Real Beauty.

That Is Real Love.

-Becky A.


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