Bad Boy Living In Brooklyn

Lights all around the city,

People all around the city,

The sky full of stars,

As the full moon shine bright.

Bad boy standing in the corner of the city,

Wearing black shade on,

In the night,

As he exhale the smoke.

I wanted to taste him,

I wanted to hold him,

I wanted him to be mine.

If I reach to get him,

If I let him in,

I knew I won’t be the same ever again.

He looked perfect on the surface,

Yet mysterious in the inner.

I knew playing with him,

Is like playing with fire.

He was a forbidden fruit in my life,

Yet he made me feel alive.

As my eyes met his,

My heart skipped a beat,

I felt like I was floating with no gravity.

What kind of magic dose he have,

To melt a cold heart like mine,

With just one glance?

Either way he made me feel in my heart,

Like he was a work of Art.

We were different souls,

Well like what they said,

<Opposite Attracts>,

I am into you Brooklyn Boy.

Let’s Drink Red wine.

Let’s make Love under the star,

As we exhale the smoke,

Listening to Lana Del Rey Brooklyn Baby,

On the top of Brooklyn City.

-Becky A.


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