We Live In A Society Where We Have To Decided Using Logic Over Instinct, But Apparently That Is Not Something That Makes Us Pleased.
Our Mind Is Trained To Live Life According To How The Society, Media And Our Family Fed Us What Is Right And Wrong Or Accepted Or Unaccepted. Our Happiness And What We Can Do Is All Limited.
The Truth All Along Is That We Need To Follow Our Heart To Live A Balanced Life And Believe That Our Vision Is Not Limited.
Do You Say I Am In Love, And Use Your Mind To Know You Are In Love? No You Feel It Deep In Your Heart. Our Mind Is To Think And Be Creative But Our Heart Is To Feel What Is Right And Wrong. We Believe We Have A Heart But We Don’t Trust Our Heart Enough To Follow It, It’s Like Believing You Have Eyes But You Can’t Seem To Trust Your Own Eyes To Go Where You Want To Go.
We Might Go Against The System That We Have Been Taught Since We Were Able To Understand, But Either Way It’s Our Life Not Others. Let’s Be Kids All Over Again And Let Us Start Doing What Makes Us Pleased And What Feels Right.
Let Us Free Ourselves From Mental Slavery.
Be In Love, Experience Heart Break, Be Disappointed, Be Emotional, Be Angry, Be Sad, Say Sorry, Forgive And Forget, Cry When You Feel Heavy, Ask For What You Want, And Most Of All Don’t Let Your Ego Run Your Life Either Your Pride Go Wild.
Do What Feels Right In Your Heart To Find Your Own Ecstasy, You Desrve To Be Happy.
You Deserve To Live A Life That Was Meant For You Not The Life Your Family Or The Socity Tells You To Live.
Let’s Walk This Journey Together, A Journey To Follow Our Heart. Me And You Together.

~Becky A.


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