His Love

As she fall asleep in his arms,He holds her tightly 

Tells her he is falling,

Falling deep as the sea.

Wishing her heart will listen,

While her mind dreamt away.
Just Me and you in our own world

Lowkey kinda love.

Let’s kick it,

And then fall in love.
I will give you my now.

I will be in the moment.

He said to her, 

As he kissed her forehead.
No more being in my head.

No more listening to my ego.

You taught me how to stand In love,

Now I will try how to walk In love 
I won’t risk losing you.

I won’t be the reason why you left.

I won’t take you for granted.
We will grow together. 

We will dream together.

We will change the world.

We will be one.

-Becky A.


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