You Are

You are beautiful,but not in the way you look or dress.
you are a Beautiful Soul,

but not in the way you you look or dress. 
you are beautiful in the way you talk,walk and think.

the way you carry yourself, 

the way you stand tall even when life knocks you down.
Dear young lady, When things get rough and tough,

you don’t need to hide yourself in those smoke.

Trying to find your peace of mind, 

Trying to find an answer.
Dear Young man, when things are falling down

when you feel weak,

when you feel like crying
who do you run to?

who do you call at 3 AM to tell how you feel,

that you feel unloved, broken, weak and hopeless?
why do you Swallow your fears?

why do you hide your tears?
You are only a Human,

allowed to feel.
you don’t need to sip a glass of Hennessy,

to find your peace of mind,

to find an answer.
Do you really need a POET to tell you how to love?

How to be Believe?

how to live?
you ask yourself,

How can something so bad feels so good?

Knowing you are dying slowly,

Fading away slowly.
But do you really have to inhale what kills you to survive?

Do you?
Dear young man, 

you are a real man 

you are a king 

you are a father 

you are a friend

you are a leader

you are a lover.

you are worth fighting for.

Don’t ever let them define you as a man.

cause you are more than just a definition.

Be you, Young man. 

Dear young lady,

Do not let anyone define you,

are more than just a definition.

know who you are,

You are a woman that carry herself like a queen.

simple things don’t worry you.

words won’t define who you are as a woman

You won’t let them get in your way,

won’t let them destroy who you are. 

because you know your worth.
I wouldn’t have to tell you who you are,

if we were living in a world,

where we were are able to see our beauty.
But nevertheless Know who you are.

You are a QUEEN And you are a KING.


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