Wicked Game

<Wicked Game> 

played a love game together,

we played it smartly.

       We played the game as we were pros,

                while we looked like fools.

we could say it was an immature game, 

That was worth playing.

Late night talks,

late night adventures

As you listen with you heart

The words of a wise woman 

You undressed my mind,

We were not In love,

But we made love.

You held me tight,

As if it was our last day together,

Or is it?

Did you win, or did I lose? 

I don’t want to lose something 

That I never had

Nights of a broken sleep,

days of a broken smile.

This love game is killing me softly.

You never know when the game is over.

We are still playing,

We are still playing the love game…

Love is a losing game,

One i wish I never played.

Amy sang it right.

~Becky A.


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