Letter to my First love

Dear First Love,

They told me I write a lot about you.
About the way you walk and talk.

About how passionate you are.

About your brown eyes.
I admit I write a lot about you. 

Not to mention that,

Mention that I miss having you around.

I tried to stop missing you,

But it’s like a battle that has no end.

And I did tried to stop loving you, 

But it’s like a human without a heart.

Waiting for you to love me,

was like waiting for the rain on a desert. 
Why did I love you so deeply? 

Was it because you turn my pain,

My pain into a poetry?

Why can’t I let you go? 

Is it because you are my art,

My art that I keep in my words.

Or is it because you help me find myself?
Either way love, you got me. 

I will always love you,

will always love you.

              Sincerely Your Lover.


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