You loved her,

you loved her as long as she was qualified in a level, 

that society puts in your mind.

Big ass, thick body, big breast, and a bad chick.
She wakes up every morning,     
covering her beautiful face with makeup on , 
 trying to fit your ideal woman.
wearing those tight jeans and those high heels, 
Killing herself to stay in your world.

She didn’t know her worth, what she was capable of.

She gave you her body to hold you down.

Without knowing that, her body is a treasure. 

full of richness of life, need to be treated as a temple.

you told her that you loved her, without knowing the meaning of LOVE.

you used your words to penetrate her tights,

Without knowing that she was full of the universe.

She didn’t use protection, protection for her soul.

Now she is impregnated with your bad spirit. 

 She was made like an art, 
she was art itself. 
She was beautiful, beautiful as a Daisy flower,
 innocent and pure.
When her petals start to fall, 
you move to the other Daisy flower.

she wanted to be your strength when things get rough.

All she wanted was to plant a seed in your heart 

and to grow with you.

she never wanted to break you down.

 she was an open soul, yet mysterious,
she had a beautiful face with the untouched story.
She had a twisted mind, with an unsolved mystery.  
Her flaws makes her a human, 
a soul with a beating heart.

She had a beautiful soul.

you had a lost soul. 

While she loved you purely, you were lusting extremely.
She was loyal, but you were a hypocrite.
It is futile to pair two different souls.
what a shame, to lose a woman with a quality of a Queen.

Don’t need makeup to cover up her beauty.

You didn’t value her as a WOMAN.

You valued her as a society valued her.
You were blind, blind to see the stars sparkling in her eyes, 
chasing a dream that only exist in your mind.
You are a poison that kills slowly and deeply, 
but feels like a cure.

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