DEAR Young Lady

Dear young lady with a bright future,

you are a sensitive, kind and gentle soul.

Who craves deep conversation; 

you are not a soft touch. 

You are compassionate and spontaneous.

Diplomatic and polite.

always strong and loveable.
When things get rough and tough,
you take a walk into nature where you free your mind.
sitting under the moon counting those shiny stars,
trying to find your peace of mind, 
hide in those cigarette smoke.
How can something so bad feel so good?
You ask yourself while you inhale what kills you.
Why are you trying to fit in a cage when you belong fly? 
Now you are becoming someone you are not.

Your gold heart is becoming a stone heart.

You are more than just a follower Young Lady.
you are a leader young lady.
The way I see you, 
you are Beautiful Young Lady.
But Not in the way you look or walk, 
Not the fact that your body is built to a model size.
But in the way your eyes sparkled, when you talk about the things you love 
with passion in your eyes, makes you beautiful. 
the way you smile and the way you carry yourself like a goddess.
makes you a queen,
Young Lady.
The fact you know what you want and work for your dreams.
Don’t need anyone to define who you are.
The things you choose to see in others, 
you love them for them despite their flaws.
You love unconditionally and pure,
most of all 
You are love ,
young lady.
Do not let anyone define you,
are more than just a definition.

know who you are,
You are a woman that carry herself like a queen.
simple things don’t worry you.
words won’t define who you are as a woman
You won’t let them get in your way,
won’t let them destroy who you are. 
because you know your worth.
Young lady.
Do not lose yourself in the shadow of your doubts.

Do not hide your pretty wings,
Right wing and left wing set them free, fly young lady
Your beauty shines from within; 

do not try to fit in a place where you do not belong.
Be beautiful young lady,



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